X-Ways Forensics, Re: Training Options

It’s been a little over a year since I completed the X-Ways Forensics four-day course and purchased a license. That decision led to a lot of growth for me.

The X-Ways Forensics four-day course was excellent.  It provided detailed instruction and demonstration on efficiently navigating and activating specific functions in X-Ways Forensics. However, with my limited experience, it was challenging for me to consistently combine the many options available to accomplish a specific task.

I have since spent considerable time reading the manual and performed several exercises on my own to try out specific X-Ways Forensics functions.  While I have had success building my confidence using X-Ways Forensics, completing Brett Shavers’ updated course (Live), The X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide/2E Online Course, significantly enhanced my capabilities as an X-Ways Forensics practitioner.

The following are my impressions of his new course:

  1. Shavers shares his experience where X-Ways Forensics’ functions and features fits in a digital forensic toolbox. 
  2. Acknowledges that while X-Ways Forensics may be difficult to use, its practical application in digital forensics and granular control makes it worthwhile to learn.
  3. Describes volume snapshot refinement, filtering, and searching as the heart, soul, and brain of X-Ways Forensics, respectively.  Shavers demonstrates purposeful application of these core X-Ways Forensics functions for digital forensic cases.
  4. Advocates for creating your own tooltips as useful reminders and to enhance understanding of X-Ways Forensics functionality.
  5. Shares common mistakes that may be made in X-Ways Forensics and how to avoid them.
  6. The help file and the manual, while largely similar, are not the same.

Having attended X-Ways and Shavers’ courses, they complement each other very well and I benefited from both. I imagine Shavers’ OnDemand course is the same, if not improved.

X-Ways Forensics 4-Day CourseDetailed instruction and demonstration of X-Ways Forensics functionality and navigation. Completion of the course is also one prerequisite to attempt the X-PERT certification. After taking the course, my comprehension of the manual improved.

The X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide/ 2E OnDemand CourseInstruction and demonstration of practical application of X-Ways Forensics’ functionality to digital forensics and get started quickly as a new user. May be helpful to assess if X-Ways Forensics is applicable to your needs. After taking the course, I have a greater appreciation of X-Ways Forensics’ many features and granularity.


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